Kwekerij Arborealis


Ordering Plants

Ordering plants via our web-shop is real easy! Choose the desired plants in our plant-list and choose the preferred quantity. Once you are content with your order you can continue to ordering. Here you can fill out your personal details and select whether you would like your plants to come by mail (see Mail order) or if you would prefer to come and pick them up from the nursery.

Mail orders are only possible with orders with a total value of 20 euros and up, if your order is less than 20 euros you will be requested to pick the order up from the nursery.

As soon as we have received the order, we will check if the desired plants are still in stock. We will then send a confirmation of your order, with additional alterations (if necessary) and the shipment costs. As soon as you agree with the confirmation e-mail you can continue on to payment methods. 

Orders will be reserved for up to 14 days.

Mail order plants have the exact same price and quality as the plants that can be picked up from the nursery. We place the mail order plants in cardboard boxes and fit them securely with bamboo sticks which prevent the plants from shifting and damaging.

Stock and seasonal shipments:

Our potted plants can be shipped almost year round. Non-potted plants (hedgeplants and forest plantation) are supplied from the 15th of November to the 15th of April.

the 0% VAT scheme for companies or foundations from abroad are accepted for minimum order amounts from €200.


Pakketten naar het buitenland hebben de volgende tarieven:

België € 16,50
Bulgarije € 30,00
Denemarken € 19,50
Duitsland € 16,50
Estland € 30,00
Finland € 24,50
Frankrijk € 19,75
Hongarije € 24,50
Ierland € 24,50
Italië € 20,00
Letland € 30,00
Litouwen € 30,00
Luxemburg € 16,50
Oostenrijk € 19,50
Polen € 24,50
Portugal € 24,50
Roemenië € 30,00
Slovenië € 24,50
Slowakije € 21,00
Spanje € 20,00
Tsjechië € 21,00
Verenigd Koninkrijk € 20,00
Zweden € 23,50