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Asimina triloba

Local name: Papaw

Exquisite fruit plant, with its origins in the eastern parts of the U.S.A.
This plant starts to flower early on in the year, this makes the plant vulnerable for night frosts. The flower is a purplish brown and approx 5 cm in size. The fruits are oblong and taste like a banana. For optimal harvesting results we advise to plant two asiminas for cross-pollination. The very first fruits can be expected to appear after 6 years.
The hardiness of this plant is fine. During the autumn the leaves turn completely yellow.
Besides the common paw paw, Asimina triloba (seedling), we also offer varieties that are grafted. These varieties have been selected for their flavours and abundance in fruit bearing!

Asimina triloba
Asimina triloba

Asimina triloba
Asimina triloba
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Natural habitat:
shrub layer

4-6 m

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