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During the summer our focus goes to plant production. Therefor we don't manage to deliver orders by post. Thanks for your understanding.

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Familielid van de Calycanthus (specerijstruik) met hele opvallende bloemen! (voorheen Sinocalycalycanthus raultonii 'Hartlage Wine')
Price: € 14,50
Siberian Peashrub 
Shrub with leaves as thin as threads attached to overhanging branches. Caragana's are extremely hardy and well resistant against (sea)wind.
Price: € 9,00
Truly exquisite Carpinus! Finely toothed and large leaves with a length of 15 to 20 cm. During winter extremely large and fat leaf buds. The flowering is built up of..
Price: € 12,50
Small remaining, herbal shrub with scented grey-green leaves. The flowering period is during the late summer. The plant usually freezes to the ground but will grow back..
Price: € 5,00
Striking appearance due to the round fluffy flowers. These are usually situated in bunches together. The release a sweet scent that attracts butterflies and bees...
Price: € 8,00
Halfheester met helder blauwe bloemetjes. De bloeitijd is in de nazomer, vaak prachtig in combinatie met het dan al verkleurende rode blad. Ceratostigma's verdragen..
Price: € 6,00
Leadwort or Plumbago 
Price: € 6,00
Eastern Redbud 
Eastern Redbud. This is a small to medium-sized tree that usually grows like a shrub. The tree flowers on its bare stems from April to May. The magenta pink coloured..
Price: € 22,50
Amerikaanse judasboom. Dit is een kleine tot middelhoge boom die meestal meertakkig uitgroeit. De boom bloeit op het naakte hout, in april-mei. De witte (!) bloemen..
Price: € 14,50
Een judasboom afkomstig uit China. De plant groeit uit tot een mooi klein boompje tot ongeveer 4 à 5 meter. De bladeren zijn hartvormig, groen. De bloeitijd is vroeg in..
Price: € 12,50
japanse sierkwee 
An unusual quince with enormous fruits.
Price: € 3,50
Een wit bloeiende kwee waarvan de bloemblaadjes eetbaar zijn; ze smaken naar amandel!! Daarnaast zijn Chaenomeles' goede bijen- en vogelplanten.
Price: € 7,50
Price: € 6,00
Price: € 6,00
Wintersweet or Japanese Allspice 
Sweet scented yellow flowers with its hart a wine red colour, en this during the winter months! To be able to start flowering the plant needs a little warmth so for the..
Price: € 8,00
Meloen boompje 
Een prachtige winterbloeinde heester met zachtgele geurende bloemetjes. Groeit uit tot een middelhoge bladverliezende heester met in de zomer glanzende lancetvormige..
Price: € 9,50
Magnificent looking small tree, with large clusters of pink flowers. The leaves are oblong and slightly shiny. A perfect tree for a small garden.
Price: € 12,50
Mexican Orange 
We don't cultivate a lot of evergreens, but this one is by far our favourite. The leaves are thin and after being bruised give of a fresh scent. The white flowers appear..
Price: € 7,00
Nieuw in ons assortiment! Wij waren al dol op Choisya 'Aztec Pearl' en 'White Dazzler' vanwege hun frisgroene winterkleur en rijke bloei, nu hebben we de 'Apple..
Price: € 7,00
Mexican Orange 
The difference between 'Aztec Pearl' and 'White Dazzler' are the somewhat ribbed leaves and the compact growth. Above all 'White Dazzler' is definitely a star when it..
Price: € 7,00

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