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The Nursery

The name ARBOREALIS is built up out of two Latin words; ARBOR (tree) and BOREALIS (of the north). Translated: Trees of the north. 

We started propagating during our study at the Grerard Adriaan van Swieten horticultural school in Frederiksoord 1998.
After our study our nursery grew to what it is nowadays. We have a diversity of marketing channels, mainly our plants go to retailers, cash & carry’s, garden centres and to private customers. Private customers can visit our nursery 3 days a week during the months March to December. 

Thursday, Friday and Saturday are our opening days. During the other days we are busy propagating plants, potting, collecting orders, sending mail orders and so on. 

The total surface area of the nursery is about 4.5 hectares, a large part of the property is used for field plants. Our container fields (this is where all potted plants can be found) make up a total of 3000m2. The greenhouse is 800m2. 

In our large retail section, the plants with their information are all found together. Here you can stroll around and discover all kinds of unusual plants! 

We hope to see you at our nursery,

Micha Wieland
Sietske Metz

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