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On our nursery we grow a wide range of trees and shrubs, particularly the more unknown plants that are rarely offered. Our interest goes out to particular trees and shrubs that are less known, but very well adapted to our Dutch climate. Trees and shrubs make up the basic lay out of a garden but they do not have to be your everyday basic (common) plant! 

By collecting plant materials (cuttings, scions) and seeds we are continuously looking for new additions to add to our assortment. We grow our entire assortment ourselves, with a few exceptions to certain plants. By growing the plants ourselves we are most sure that our plant species are correct.

We collect exquisite trees and shrubs from all around Europe and plant them on our property first. We strive to collect the species that are rarely propagated. This way we can offer to propagate plants on request from exquisite species in our (new) assortment. This way we can withhold our exquisite assortment and build up a broad collection

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